Back-to-School Checklist

The Complete Back-to-School Checklist: Essential Supplies for Parents and Students

Preparing for school for parents

Summer is nearly over, so getting back into a good routine for school should be your number one priority. Kids Takeover camps are a good start, but what you need now is to kick their routines into gear for the start of the academic year.

Here are our top tips to get them back into the swing of things…


Start practising the school routine early

As we said before, Kids Takeover camps are a great way to get them up early on a regular basis. But school means getting ready for the discipline and academic parts of school. Make sure that a week before school, you get them talking about their new classes, teachers, friends, and even homework! Set those alarms at least a week before school so they can get into the school-routine habit.


Check their homework is organised

…and complete! Lots of schools offer daily homework like diaries or journals about their holidays. Make sure there are reminders in their room or clearly visible areas like fridges so they know what’s expected. They need to get into the habit of being organised because there’s always the risk of losing ground during the summer.


Take the time to chat about school

The summer holidays are a great opportunity to keep your children active and engaged, but make sure you’re taking the time to address any concerns they might have too. Get them thinking about learning, reading, and their maths skills, but don’t neglect their social skills.

If they’re going into a new year with new responsibilities, keeping the lines of communication open is incredibly important. Why not ask about what they’re looking forward to or if they like their lessons? Starting positively can also be a great way to talk about anything they might be worried about.


Growing kids means growing out of their uniform!

Deals for pinafores, skirts and trousers start early, so avoid the rush by starting early too. The holidays are a great time to repair any tears or add fabric labels to winter and summer uniforms. Kids grow out of their clothes quickly, so preparing early can cut down on costs.

It might also be time to cut out any themed clothes or bags they have. Whilst there’s no need to get rid of things that are useful, you should prepare yourself for your kids to out-grow a princess phase!


Preparing supplies for your child

When your child is starting school, we all know that the first day is a busy one. Between getting them out of bed and to the breakfast table, there are a whole host of things that can go wrong or missing. So here’s a list of supplies that you should have and check before school starts!

  • Backpacks, PE kit bags, & lunchboxes
    The best backpacks are durable with lots of compartments and pockets to organise their things. It’s also good practice as they get older to understand which items go where. Thinking ahead means less money spent on changing old or broken bags.
  • PE kit & trainers
    A new or well-fitting kit is essential for enjoying sport and activity. If they’re uncomfortable or torn, it can make it difficult for children to enjoy being active. Check to make sure their kit is still loose-fitting with room for them to grow and play!
  • Stationery
    Children will need a pencil case full of useful stationery once they reach Key Stage 2. Make sure they have a pencil case, HB pencils, an eraser, and some coloured pencils. It’s a good idea that they start to get used to having and organising their pencil cases themselves.
  • Personalised labels
    Personalised labels are a useful way to help you keep track of your kids’ things. For clothes and uniforms, you can use personalised school labels and stickers for lunch boxes and bottles. They’re even great for organising their things at home. You can label places for homework, exercise books, and even places to remind them where to put soiled clothes and kit.

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