Halloween costumes

Five easy Halloween costumes you can make at home!

This Halloween, we want to make sure that all our KTO families have the best cost-effective tips on how to celebrate the season without breaking the bank. Our tips are light on your budget, environmentally friendly and have lots of room for creativity. Whether it’s trick or treating time or that crowd-stopping costume for the KTO Dracula Disco Party, here are a few of our favourite costume ideas to celebrate the season.


Feeling hungry? What about a DIY Pizza Costume

Dressing up as your favourite food is a time-honoured tradition at this time of year. Encourage healthy eating and raid your recycling box to help create lots of fun vegetable toppings. Pizza is always a big crowd favourite, so grab some scissors and get creative.

You’ll need: Cardboard, paint or felt tips and twine

Optional: Felt or thick fabric

  1. Cut your cardboard or any thick material into a large triangle shape for the base.
  2. Cut toppings out of your leftover cardboard or material and colour them as desired, then attach them to your pizza base.
  3. Once everything is dry, pierce holes at either end of the pizza crust and string through your twine.
  4. Alternatively, you can use felt or a thick piece of fabric for your base – cut two triangles with a groove at the top and sew them together to make a fun pizza poncho!

This costume only takes about an hour to make, so it’s a great option if you’re in a pinch. If you want to add some creative flair, why not see what other objects you have lying around the house that you can transform into your child’s favourite pizza toppings?


For Lego Movie fans, try these fun Wyldstyle and Emmet costumes

Pushed for time? These Wyldstyle and Emmet costumes are a great last-minute creative costume option. You can gather basic supplies from around the house, and it offers the perfect opportunity for face painting. Each costume should take around 30 minutes or under to make.

For Wyldstyle you’ll need: A black hoodie, pink and blue tape and hair chalk, black trousers or leggings

Optional: Pink and blue ribbon and wool

  1. Add blue and pink tape to the left arm and front of a black hoodie. If you’re using ribbon, you can use safety pins or staples to attach them to the hoodie.
  2. For Wyldstyle’s iconic hairdo, use pink and blue chalk in a half-up half-down hairstyle. Using wool? Braid the coloured wool into their hair instead.
  3. Couple with leggings or black trousers to complete the look!

For Emmet, you’ll need: Brown wool, a high-vis vest, and orange trousers

Optional: Light-coloured trousers and orange fabric dye

  1. You can use brown wool to make a pom-pom style Emmet wig.
  2. Add a simple high-vis vest and orange trousers
  3. If you don’t have orange trousers, why not use some old light-coloured trousers and dye them orange using fabric dye?


Go for a deep dive with this creative scuba diving costume

This costume takes a little while to make – but it’s quite a crowd-pleaser when you get it done. Make sure you leave yourself at least 2 or 3 hours to make this scuba diving costume as authentic as possible.

What you’ll need: Large plastic drinks bottles, paint, coloured tape, twine, cardboard

  1. Take off any wrappers on your bottles, paint the bottles green, blue, or grey, and decorate them with tape to create your air oxygen tanks.
  2. Cut a piece of cardboard, around the size of an A5 piece of paper, and pierce 2 holes in the top and bottom for your arm loops.
  3. String your twine through the arm laps and attach the cardboard to your oxygen tank using glue or tape.
  4. Cut your flippers out of the cardboard, paint and attach twine to decorate and affix to your child’s shoes.
  5. Grab some goggles, a black beanie and a onesie, and you’re ready to go.

Why not add a paper mache fish or an aquatic plush toy from their collection? This can add a personal touch to your costume, with sharks or even piranhas bringing that scare factor! Best of all, paper mache projects are easy to do at home, with paper and even a flour and water glue mix easily found in the kitchen.


Our simple DIY unicorn costume

A white onesie or a white outfit makes this a simple costume to make. Making the pom-pom mane and tail may prove a little tricky, so we’ve included a great Youtube video of the quickest way to get this done. And for the mane, why not incorporate your child’s favourite colours?

What you’ll need: White onesie or hoodie and leggings, felt, wool, coloured tape or ribbon and A4 paper

  1. Cut an oval out of your felt and attach it to the stomach of your outfit with hot glue.
  2. Make a pom-pom style mane and tail, then attach it to the costume using a hot glue gun. Use this YouTube video to help you!
  3. Use your paper to style a horn in a cone shape, cover it in a layer of white felt, and then use the felt to create some cute unicorn ears.
  4. Decorate the horn with a piece of ribbon or tape, and attach the ears and horn to the hoodie.


Don’t forget that KTO is offering the best in half-term active care this month. Make sure you book now so you don’t miss out on all the fancy dress fun!

Happy, healthy kids. It’s what we do.

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