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How to save money on your energy bills this winter

We know that times are tough for many families across the country. Rising energy costs and basic groceries are stretching budgets everywhere, so here are some simple, cost-effective tips to help you get through the season and save on those bills!


Are you saving power?

It can seem like a right pain to constantly monitor your energy usage around the house. But, with some simple changes to your daily schedule, you can shave up to £100 off your bill per year. Not too shabby, right? That’s the kind of money that can go a long way to taking the pressure off those grocery lists!

First things first, have you checked that you’re turning all the lights off when you leave a room? Don’t turn on a light unless you need to, and unplug portable devices like phones and mobiles when they’ve finished charging.

Have you joined the LED revolution yet? Consider changing all your light bulbs to LEDs. They last longer and can cut your energy usage down enormously.

Check your plug sockets too! Don’t waste power with standby lights on your appliances. Most appliances like kettles, TVs and toasters can be turned off at the mains without any loss of programming. Get on it – practice turning everything off, and you’ll start seeing those savings.


Keep out those nasty draughts!

How many times have you seen on the news where an efficiency mogul tells you to save on the heating with a jumper? Well, why not cut them off at the source and get some draught-proofing? All those pesky little cold spells you’re feeling could be eliminated by sealing up the holes and cracks in your home.

Professional draught-proofing can cost up to £225, but if you DIY it, it’s much cheaper. Some simple draught excluders for your doors, windows, chimneys, and gaps in the floor and walls can save you up to £125 a year on your heating bills, and best of all, there won’t be so many jumpers to wash!


Be efficient with water

Keeping clean is essential for a healthy household, but what about cutting down on where you use water? You can save up to £34 using a lower cycle on the washer, and if you ditch the tumble dryer and air dry your clothes for an additional saving of £70 a year! And swapping out a bath for a shower? That could save your household up to £95 a year.


That’s nearly £200 of savings your household could gain just by reducing water wastage!

Why not consider getting an aerator fitted on your taps too? They are small devices that mix air with water to reduce water usage. It can save you about £30, and most people don’t even notice because there’s no loss of pressure.


Having serious trouble?

Check out the Citizen’s Advice Bureau website. There are lots of benefits you might be eligible for, including a government subsidy toward the cost of your energy bills. In fact, the government has released 40 schemes to help households cope with the energy crisis, many you may find have been delivered to you in the post.

You might also want to try switching suppliers. Websites like MoneySupermarket can also help you compare the right deals and tariffs to help you save a penny (or a pound).

For healthy, happy kids (and their families!)

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