Annual Memberships

Let Kids Takeover take over your childcare worries with our Annual Memberships

Kids Takeover’s annual membership program gives parents and children exclusive access to reliable holiday and wraparound activity year-round. For parents who want to organise their parenting responsibilities around their work, we are in the business of making it easier.

Wraparound care is essential for working parents. You have access to reliable care, around the school day that suits you when you need it most. With our membership program, all year round, your kids will be taking part in all their favourite activities. Dance, sport, and even time for the kids to have less structured time to grow and develop their own way.

Rest easy knowing Kids Takeover will provide a safe, fun, and productive environment. Designate guardians for the pick-up and drop off. Get updates from the staff. Book anytime and anywhere for a fraction of the price of other providers. So…


What makes Kids Takeover Annual Membership different?

We have two packages produced to offer kids some fun activity and take the pressure off parents over the holidays.

Our Core Camps offer you a childcare activity program from 9:30 am to 4.30 pm, every day of the holidays. With a mixture of sports, dance and activity built for 5- to 12-year-olds, you can be sure to find something your children will enjoy. For just £45 a month, you have safe, structured childcare, when it suits you.

For super-busy parents who need a little more help. Full Membership is exactly what you need. For just £70 a month, you will have access to our camp sessions and wraparound care from as early as 8 am with a pickup as late as 5:30 pm. Our camps and wraparound are available any time, at any of our participating venues. Just book and go.


Trust Kids Takeover to keep your children healthy

Our team have a wealth of experience providing good value activity and entertainment to children. With our annual membership, you’ll have unlimited access to our activity programs throughout the year. But why choose an activities-based program rather than a childminder?

Fitness and exercise are essential for growing children. Statistically, regular exercise for children develops their cardiovascular systems, lungs, and muscles. Fitter children are more resilient to illness and more likely to develop healthy active habits into childhood. Children are naturally drawn to running, jumping, and climbing, they are absolute hubs of energy. Kids Takeover Camps use that energy to help them develop skills through both structured and self-directed play.

Regular exercise not only feeds a healthy body but a healthy mind too. Those children who engage in regular exercise have better concentration and are more likely to test better academically. Since holidays often see serious reductions in children’s fitness, Kids Takeover is here to make sure that kids don’t stop doing what they love to do.


Trust Kids Takeover to offer you the best value

Our annual memberships not only save you time but money too. For parents who are juggling work and parenting, we offer a full-service annual subscription, at a fraction of the average cost of childcare in the UK. With an average of 170 days of holiday in a year and 39 weeks of school for children in the UK, our package takes into consideration school and work for the whole family.

Childcare is often priced in a way that makes it completely unaffordable as a regular outgoing. Unable to cover the costs of childcare, parents will rely on family and friends to make up the shortfall. However, at short notice, finding someone who can take time out, to make sure your children are safe is sometimes incredibly difficult.

Wraparound care can bridge that gap. On average, wraparound at their school can cost more than £60 a week with holiday childcare averaging at more than £130 a week. These costs could spiral into thousands of pounds a year.

An annual subscription package from Kids Takeover offers parents quality Ofsted regulated childcare for less than £2.50 a day. All our coaches are CRB-checked and well-qualified in a variety of different activities. Unlike families and friends our activity programmes are always available so if something comes up, you’ll have a safe space to book and go. To give as many parents as possible the widest choice available, we also accept childcare vouchers, which can be used when you book.

Take the pressure off planning your childcare with Kids Takeover Annual Memberships. Book now!

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