Introducing the new & improved KTO website

At Kids Takeover, we’re going through changes!

We’ve been working busily behind the scenes to give you the best value in active childcare. Our newly re-designed website has been created based on your feedback. We believe that as parents, you need the best information to make informed choices, so that’s what we’re bringing. We weren’t just looking to give the website a makeover but a new way to give your children active learning environments.


A New FAQ Page

We’ve listened to your questions and put them into action. Our newly re-designed and comprehensive FAQ page features everything from payment options to camp preparedness. To best understand how to prepare your children for every facet of our camps, we have some of the most common questions answered in detail. From healthy snacks to an introduction to our taster sessions, find out if we are right for you with just a click of a button.

Safety is our number one priority. After all, we are responsible for your children! The new FAQ page includes our opening times, how to contact us and anything you need to know about picking up and dropping off your children. Best of all, if you have a change of plans and need to change your designated person for pick-ups, you can check out our FAQs for instructions on how to do this.

You’ll also find updated information on our memberships, payment options and what childcare vouchers you can use for our camp sessions. So for everything a KTO parent should know, make a stop at our FAQ page.


KTB RoundUp: A new way to stay up to date with KTO

Want to have a look at what we get up to at camps and KTO HQ?

Our YouTube channel is up and running with a healthy dose of what makes Kids Takeover camps so special. Follow the team around our camp sessions to see how we run KTO camps. Get stuck in with a game of cricket and run around with our KTO mascot, all without leaving your home. Get first-hand experience of our venues and their expansive facilities, as well as a sneak peek of our bounce & swirl days!

Our YouTube channel is an important part of the experience we offer to your children. We follow all the necessary GDPR and safeguarding measures by ensuring we have consent from all our parents for any content we post online. That way, you know your children will never be placed in situations where content is shared about them without your consent. Get your monthly dose of the happenings at our camps, knowing safety is the heart of what we do. Check it out here.


Holiday and Food Programmes (HAF)

We are pleased to welcome children across Hull, East Riding and North Lincolnshire to our Holiday and Food programme (HAF). After two successful pilots in 2018 and 2020, we can now offer fully subsidised HAF places to children in receipt of free school meals. Find all the information you need to get your children enrolled in sessions throughout the Easter, Summer and Christmas break.

HAF camps are unique. We offer children across the region an active, healthy holiday. Our camps include sports, performing arts, and arts & crafts with the added benefit of a healthy meal and nutrition workshops. This is what makes HAF camps so unique – we help children learn all the skills they need to eat healthily in the future.


Tips, tricks and updates

Our website features our ‘News’ tab featuring all the tips and tricks we offer. Enjoy our blogs, news, services and vlogs on topics from helping your child get the best out of education to being active during the holidays. We believe in a holistic view of childcare, so anything from healthy lunches to cost-effective ways to celebrate Halloween is on the menu!

Check out this section for updates on special events, workshops, and camps. We also announce new additions to the team, so you can get to know the team as we grow and evolve.

Healthy, happy kids. It’s what we do.

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