An Update to our Kids Takeover Community

You may have already read the update from our Group and Director here, however we wanted to speak to you all again directly.

As mirrored in the Group’s previous message, it’s important for us all to stay connected during these times.
So, as well as reaching out to you now, we aim to keep in contact over the coming weeks.

What remains consistent since our previous message, via the Group, is that health and wellbeing has become important to us all. Physical activity continues to have a a positive impact, bringing families together and providing some enjoyment through this very challenging time during lockdown.

We, like you are so very proud of our little people, who are remaining upbeat and so grown up as they navigate this new and very challenging way of living.

Physical activity is so important to them now, it’s bringing our families together and providing something known and consistent to everyday we spend at home. So, let’s continue prioritising health and fitness. Enjoy nature, fresh air and if you’re lucky, playing in your gardens. We love how many people are still out running, walking, biking and playing sport at home.


Due to the nature of uncertainty in this time, we can’t be sure what will happen during Summer. There are so many factors we have to consider and unfortunately, so far they are all unknown.

We therefore, wish to take the approach of saying. If we can be here we will and we will aim to communicate to you in as much time as possible, as to whether or not we can run.

If our camps can run, we anticipate the demand being high. So to help us manage this we have decided to launch a reserve a place for Summer. You can now log onto our site and ‘reserve a place’. No payments are being taken and please don’t reserve what you know you won’t take.

We’re capping the numbers of places per day to be realistic at what could be achieved based on implementing current social distancing measures at our facilities.

If all spots are reserved on your chosen day, get in touch so we can add you to a waiting list. We just can’t guarantee what restrictions will still be in place during this time.

The safety of everyone remains a priority, so, we might have to make adjustments to our normal structure and program. Thank you for keeping connected, we look forward to watching all your Skills Drills action and stay safe.

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