Covid 19 – Update April 2020

First Step Sports Group has been in business for over 13 years. Our company and team are resiliant and determined, we are looking forward to business resuming as normal, when it is safe for us to do so.

If our team has learnt anything over the last 13 years of trading, it would be that communication is key, hence our message to you all.

When the epidemic emerged at the end of January, I think we all underestimated how quickly the situation would esculate, the severity of the Virus and how dramatically all our lives would change in this short space of time.

With that being said, we have also learnt that during challenging times, it is equally important to look for the positive and self reflect to find ways or opportunities to improve.

What has been reassuring is that across the country people have come together to support each other. We have been privileged to see this within our own team as well as from so many of our customers, who now more than ever value our mission and goal showing committment to safeguard the service we offer now and for the future. Thank you.

Our goal at the very beginning was to look for ways we could help, and for the last 4 weeks we are proud to say our team have been working with the NHS to support their staff to continue working and save lives! What a privilege. Not only do we continue fulfilling our mission, we can also contribute positively to the fight against the Coronavirus and the impact it has had on the wider community. To say we are proud of our team is an understatement.

As you probably have too, we also decided it was imperitive to take some time to reflect and what a humbling experience this has been for us all.

Although, we’re sure there is more to take from this. One thing that has stood out to us, is the importance of Health and Wellbeing and how important and consistent it has become in the lives of so many people experiencing this lockdown.

We, like you have seen the positive impact physical activity has played to keep the nation upbeat, and bring us together. Children and adults alike are out running, walking, biking and playing sport at home. Enjoying nature, fresh air and if you’re lucky playing in your gardens. Physical activity is not only benefiting us as individuals, it’s bringing families together and providing something known and consistent to everyday we spend at home.

This for us has made our mission even more important. I’m sure all of our customers and stakeholders will agree, safeguarding the momentum that has been built in getting the nation and our children active to reap the benefits this can have on our wellbeing for the long term and more importantly for our children.

First Step Sports Group, have already benefitted the lives of so many through our activities and services over the years, it is something we are extremely proud of.

So while we continue this period of uncertainty, know that while we remain indoors, we are working on ways we can develop our offering to parents, children and schools while improving our team and knowledge.

Our first offering is our partnership with Skills Drills!

A national online virtual skills league to add a bit of fun to this period of disruption. Skills Drills has been launched to help young people improve their physical literacy skills, enjoy competition and stay connected with their friends through sport during this time.

The platform is now FREE to use for everyone, schools who register before September can also access the platform for FREE.

We’re really excited to continue working with you.

Any questions?

Please get in touch

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