Going Green for Halloween; New academic year, New us!

We have been looking at making some changes for a long time and it seems like there is no better time than the present; come October we are going paperless and cashless.

With global warming and excessive CO2 polluting the environment, we are beginning to see the value in going “green” and trying to reduce our carbon footprint.

Going paperless helps cut down on deforestation and pollution, leaving the trees to do the dirty work of absorbing carbon dioxide and slowing down global climate change. 

How will this affect you?

All bookings should be made and paid for in advance.

As well as us doing our part to try and slow down climate change, this is also going to help us eliminate our reconciliation process. A lot of our lovely customers either pay in advance or on the day that they are attending, however, when this doesn’t happen, it costs us time and money, this takes away from what we can put into our camps, which I am sure you can appreciate!

Getting rid of paper will help us keep your information safe and let us provide your information electronically, this means you can enquire on your own whenever you want to. In fact, providing electronic access to all relevant data gives you more accurate and complete information, of course we will always be at the other end of the phone if you need us. 

We understand that booking and paying in advance may not be the easiest thing for some customers, so we have introduced a couple of new schemes to try and make life easier for you.

Annual Memberships 

You will have a choice of 2 packages; Main Camp and Wrap Around

These packages enable you to attend whenever you want! You don’t have to pre book or pay in advance; you just need to pay monthly. 

Our Main Camp package is £45 per month and lets you attend any main camp session through the year at any venue. Additional wrap around sessions can be purchased for £8 when you need them.

Our Wrap Around Package is £70 per month and lets you book anytime, anywhere. You can book for wrap around sessions and main camp sessions at any of our venues.

Sibling Discount

You can now also save 10% on your full booking when you enrol 2 or more children with us. The discount will be added to your account so that you don’t need to worry about adding it every time you book; it will automatically reduce the price of your booking. 

Happy Halloween

We will be trialling our new green procedures and packages in October ready to go live in February and would appreciate your help and would love your feedback. 

Get In Touch

Bookings for 2020 are now being taken.

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