Introducing Our Junior Coach Squad!

We have spent over 10 years developing and improving our Kids Takeover Sports and Dance Camps to make them as fun and engaging as possible for your children. A question that pops up over and over again is ‘Do you provide anything for children older than 12?’

We spend a lot of our time here listening to your feedback and trying to improve ourselves and our service. So, last year we decided to look into creating a programme for the wonderful kids that have attended our camps but are now too old to join in the fun.

Our passions are sparked from a young age and all KTO coaches are passionate about inspiring the next generation of sports stars and performers. Our mission is for our camps and academies to inspire lifelong activity and to provide our kids with the tools to be active for life. We take the privilege of being one of the first sporting experiences for your children very seriously, which is why we aim to deliver an exceptional experience every single time. 

What better way to inspire lifelong activity than to mentor and train our kids to be Junior Coaches? 

Our Junior Coach Squad was born.

Our Junior Coaches will take the skills and talents that they have been learning and improving during their time with us, and develop them, alongside our Coach Squad. 

This programme is designed to give ideas and knowledge to our older children. Through practical and activity-based learning, the Junior Coaches will have the confidence and ability to lead a group of younger children in an extensive range of games and activities. 

The benefits of being a Junior Coach

Our Coach Squad will continue the JC’s learning further by giving them the opportunity to lead parts of activity sessions that are supervised by a member or our staff during camp. Our programme encourages young people to take responsibility and develop skills, such as leadership, organisation, communication, confidence and self-esteem alongside planning and self-review.

It provides the opportunity for older children to work with younger children, promoting integration and social inclusion. It reduces problems associated with bullying and inappropriate behaviour and encourages co-operation whilst helping to develop moral and social skills. In addition to participating in our Junior Coach Squad programme, each JC will receive a KTO uniform to acknowledge their work.

At the end of the course the pupils will have the confidence and ability to lead others and have the knowledge and experience of an extensive range of games and activities whilst instilling the importance of living a healthy, active lifestyle in our younger Kids Takeover children.

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