World Book Day

World Book Day: Celebrate your favourite books with costumes!

This year, World Book Day will celebrate 25 years of events that bring the joy of reading to children. Every year, we encourage our children to ditch their uniforms and dress up as their favourite storybook character. Now a time-honoured tradition, it has become a useful tool to develop positive relationships with reading for children.

Getting out the paper and glue in the run-up to the big day can build excitement for children. Explore characters, themes, and genres alongside this interactive project to build their enthusiasm.

Wearing costumes can support conversations, lessons, and activities in class. Children can talk about their favourite characters, act out their favourite scenes, and pose questions. The fun doesn’t stop with fiction either. Children can use non-fiction books to delve deeper into scientists, historical figures, and technology. And dress-ups are just another way to explore topics they are passionate about in even more detail!

Interactive and social in character, children have the chance to introduce their peers to books and genres that may be new to them. Even reluctant readers can use this time to see books in a new light. Not just as something they do quietly or individually but as something they can share in active groups.

Whether you’re exploring Elmer the Elephant, diving into stormy seas with Percy Jackson, or getting into some magical mishaps with The Worst Witch – don’t forget to grab your camera and snap some shots!

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