Christmas party games

5 party games the whole family will love at Christmas

Christmas is a great time to spend with family and friends. Two things that usually come to mind at this time of year are food and presents! It’s great to have good food and see the smiles that come to your loved one’s faces as they receive their gifts. But after all that, what do you do for the rest of the day?

We know that after all that food, a nap in front of the TV on the sofa tends to be the way we end all our holiday periods. Games, especially active ones are a great way to put some energy into your post-meal afternoon (or a post-breakfast game) on Christmas Day and afterwards. They’re a great way to bond, especially if you have some new members joining your group for this years’ festivities.

We’ve put together a range of activities to help you celebrate the season in style!


Ring the reindeer antlers

Think of this game like the holiday version of ring toss. Pick up a reindeer antler headband or make your own if you’re feeling crafty. Twist red and white pipe cleaners together to make candy cane-striped rings. Bring in the rest of the family for this make and do project and you could even add extra points based on the number of antlers you create. One person puts on the headband, while the rest try to hook the rings onto the antlers. Don’t want to DIY? Pick up cute inflatable versions on Amazon.

What’s needed: Cones, small rings, inflatable antlers or pipe cleaners


Christmas scavenger hunt

Instead of sitting around the TV after dinner or waiting for the roast to be just right. Why not go on a Christmas-themed scavenger hunt? You can hide sentimental items or little gift bags filled with treats around the house and set the family off to find them. The best thing about sentimental gifts is that they can be mementos from your journey as a family together. You don’t need to buy anything extra and it’s a great way to share the stories with a few laughs about how the item came to be so important.

Be sure to pick some interesting places and feel free to use the outdoors if it’s safer!

What’s needed: Small fabric bags and a tin of chocolates (if necessary)


Christmas dance freeze

Who doesn’t love a little dance at Christmas? Rock around the Christmas tree this year to some of your favourite jams, both old and new. Turn on and off the music at random and challenge your friends and family to stay as still as possible. Even a slight wiggle or jolt and they’re out. It’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser and great to get that heart rate up!

What’s needed: Speakers or stereo


Snowman bowling

Before the big day, save a bunch of shipping boxes so you can build your snowmen. Then, paint them white and attach a paper hat and nose, painted-on eyes and a mouth, pom pom buttons and some sticks for arms. You can even fill it with chocolate money for an added treat. Use any ball, like a tennis ball or even an orange to roll at the snowman to knock them over. Not only is it an adorable and easy activity, but it also helps to recycle and reuse some of your leftover boxes.

What’s needed: Cardboard boxes, a set of paints, pom poms, pipe cleaners (and some imagination!)


Gingerbread house competition

Up the ante on your gingerbread house project to keep even reluctant builders engaged. Challenge each construction team to the zaniest structure they can dream up. Just don’t eat too many of your materials before you’re done! The end results will double as decor.

What’s needed: Gingerbread or gingerbread mix, icing, gumdrops, candy cane, chocolate buttons, smarties & cake boards to work off


Merry Christmas from all the team!

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