Trend shows that girls are still reporting barriers to physical activity

The last three years have shown little positive change in barriers to physical activity for girls. According to a study of nearly 30,000 girls carried out by the Youth Sport Trust, barriers to engaging in physical activity have not changed.

The survey found that a third of girls saw confidence and being watched by others while doing sport were still huge factors keeping them off the field at school. Through Girls Active, Youth Sport Trust has found that having fun and being healthy has remained a consistent top motivator for girls nonetheless. This provides plenty of positive indicators for those wishing to re-fashion sports programmes.

Giving kids space away from the more regimented school environment can increase their confidence and improve participation levels. Kids Takeover activity camps and wraparound care can provide a level of freedom that is inaccessible within the school day. Children can wear their own clothing if they need to and have focussed coaches to help them build their confidence for directed and self-directed play.

Some schools on the Girls Active Programme such as Herne Bay High School have developed a similar tact to help girls get active. Their magazine Sweat Bands and Fake Tans alongside their Girls Active group became incredibly popular amongst their peer group. They were able to combine elements of creativity, collaboration, and confidence-building.

Kids Takeover gives children time to explore their creativity at the arts and crafts table which is included in our wraparound care and camps. Our skilled coaches have a wealth of experience understanding children’s learning styles and building rapport. Our sessions provide a variety of sports, dance, activities, and games, so they can find one or many things they love to do.

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