21 by 21 campaign

21 by 21 campaign trains thousands of coaches in mental health first aid

Mental health amongst children and young people has been seriously impacted by the inconsistency of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many underserved communities have found themselves in various states of impoverishment from holiday hunger to technological deprivation as learning went online.

The #21by21 campaign pledged to train coaches across the country on how to support young people who are at risk or are already suffering from mental health problems. Young people who are coached by these individuals will have been isolated from their peers and other support networks and were often living in cramped housing situations. According to the National Youth Agency, many of them were three times more likely to suffer from poor mental health than their affluent peers.

The campaign aimed to train 20,000 coaches to recognise and support those at risk from mental health issues. Now doubling its original objective, the initiative has trained nearly 42,000 coaches and volunteers to better support vulnerable young people.

With coaches and volunteers who regularly see children, we offer children support through activity, play and learning. We are committed to supporting families with not only a better brand of childcare options but to support them so all Kids Takeover kids can grow to be happy, healthy, resilient adults.

We offer a range of holiday camps and wraparound care to suit your needs, with active supportive play at the heart of each one.

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