Case Study

Kids Takeover parent Alex McLean, describes her experience with us

“I know I can just drop my child off at the club and not have to worry, which takes a lot of stress away”

Alex McLean


The Parent

Looking after your children during the summer holidays whilst holding down a full-time job can be challenging, resulting in some parents looking into childcare options. We spoke to Alex McLean, whose son Rhys has been with Kids Takeover for two years now, about her reasons for signing up with Kids Takeover. She shares her experiences with us, hoping it will encourage other parents in a similar situation to make the same choice and trust Kids Takeover to give that helping hand during their busy schedules.

The Challenges

With both of Rhys’ parents working 9-5 pm jobs, it was essential that Alex found a suitable place for her child to be safe and enjoy their time away from school. A problem for many parents is finding a service for their child that offers wraparound care to cover a whole working day. It was also incredibly important to her that she found a place that would entertain her son and give him plenty to do throughout each day, including keeping him active. Before Alex was aware of Kids Takeover, she struggled to find a place that would encourage her child to try new things. She wanted Rhys to try activities out of his comfort zone wherever possible, another decisive factor for choosing us.

As every parent would feel in this situation, Alex needed reassurance that her son was in safe hands due to special medical requirements, and this played a huge part in her choosing Kids Takeover. For instance, her son is lactose intolerant and therefore it was critical that his dietary requirements were carefully attended to. These are all worries every parent goes through when trying to find a service that best suits the needs of their child.

The Solution

Our Kids Takeover summer camps provide a service where a child will be kept active, safe, and entertained whilst parents are busy at work. This meant Alex had a perfect solution to her problem. The wraparound care service ensured that she could drop Rhys off early at 8 am, whilst not having to worry about collecting him until finishing work the same day at around 5:30 pm. With similar competitors charging a lot more money for this service, Kids Takeover offers an affordable and flexible service ran by an experienced team of fully trained and CRB-checked childcare professionals. This helped give Alex the peace of mind that her son was in the best hands possible.

With activities also playing an important role in Alex’s decision, Kids Takeover’s wide range of options helped her feel comfortable in her decision. Rhys loves our chilled-out activities such as drawing, arts and games. We also ensure that the kids try new things throughout each day with sport and dance being available should they choose to do something a little more active. Rhys has been loving our dodgeball sessions and is a keen dancer, both of which are great for keeping him active and healthy.

The Results

Overall, Alex has found somewhere she is comfortable leaving Rhys throughout the day until she has finished work. Knowing he will be having fun at Kids Takeover provided the ultimate solution she and her partner were looking for when finding a suitable service for their family. Here at Kids Takeover, we understand that every family and child is unique, and therefore tailoring our service to everyone is something we are very proud of.

Alex has been so satisfied with our service that moving forward she is planning on keeping Rhys at our Kids Takeover Camps throughout each holiday. Rhys is also extremely happy to stay, even more so when the bouncy castle and ice cream van make an appearance! Additionally, Alex’s younger son is also keen to get started having seen the excitement that one of our fun-filled days brings. With the convenience of a monthly membership, Alex has finally found an easy and affordable solution to her childcare problem throughout the school holidays!

“I am always confident that the staff have a close eye on my son and ensure they follow his dietary regulations.”

Alex McLean

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