Multi-activity days

Multi-activity days with Kids Takeover Summer Camp

Are you a Broadway belter? A jumping Jack Jonny? Fancy doing it up, the Disney-way? There’s something for everyone!

We are bringing the spice of life this summer! Jam-packed with a variety of activities to bring the kids their best, active summer ever. Every activity is designed to cater to their unique personalities and talents, from some daring dance moves and giddy goal-scoring, we are committed to celebrating their individual talents, and hopefully inspiring them to find a few more.

Celebrate the release of the new Disney film, Raya and the Last Dragon, with our new themed musical theatre workshop. Exercise your aim with a bit of target practice at the nerf wall and round off the day with awards, where the kids are always our stars. Talent Show Tuesdays gives them an opportunity to showcase their talents with room for gymnasts, dancers, footballers, comedians and much, much more!

Kids can choose from 3 activities per timeslot, and in their bubbles, can put their unique talents to whatever they like the sound of. We have sports-based activities including Hockey, Tennis, athletics, and cricket with some summer favourites such as Challenge the Coach.

Come laugh, play, and grow with Kids Takeover Summer Camp!

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